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OmniAire Negative Air Machine • HEPA Filter • 99.97% • Wood Frame • #OA1000PRIME

OmniAire Negative Air Machine • HEPA Filter • 99.97% • Wood Frame • #OA1000PRIME


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A negative air machine or portable air scrubber, serves an important role in maintaining air quality and safety in various environments. Using HEPA filtration, its primary function is to create a controlled, negative air pressure zone within a designated space, to remove airborne contaminants. Negative air machines are commonly employed in abatement, construction, and renovation projects, healthcare facilities, and industrial settings.

A series of compact, high-performance HEPA air filtration systems, the OA1000 family applies to a wide array of air quality requirements. Comprising three distinct models—Prime, Plus, and Pro—this series offers a good, better, best approach to air purification Compatibility with a range of true HEPA filters, MERV-rated pre-filters, and activated carbon filters ensures adaptability for a multitude of project types and applications.


OA1000 Prime:

  • 500 and 1000 CFM
  • 2-Speed
  • HEPA 6” Wood Frame
  • 99.97% efficiency @ 0.3u
  • MERV-9 Dustlok primary/secondary poly-pad filters
  • 64 – 70 dB noise level
  • Negative Pressure Ready
  • 115 VAC/60 Hz/4.4 Amp
  • 19”W x 23”H x 31.5”L
  • 96 pounds/43.5kg
  • Aircraft Grade Aluminum
  • HEPA Filter Change Indicator
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  • Key Features

    The OA1000 Prime is defined by ease of portability, making it an optimal choice for professionals seeking efficient air filtration solutions in a compact package.

    Designed for simplicity and featuring HEPA filter replacement indicators and tool-free pre-filter replacement, ensuring hassle-free upkeep, the OA1000 Prime is a simple choice.

    At the core of the OA1000 Prime is a 6” deep, particle board framed HEPA filter, boasting an impressive efficiency rate of 99.97% at 0.3 microns. This exceptional filtration efficiency ensures the removal of a wide range of airborne contaminants, making it ideal for applications where contaminated air is a concern.

    The OA1000 Prime delivers a high CFM output typically associated with larger, heavier machines and is engineered with practicality in mind. Its lightweight form factor and easy maneuverability allow for effortless transport and placement in various indoor environments.

    This model holds UL/CSA Safety Certification and features a thermal protection overload monitor, guaranteeing 24/7/365 safe operation.