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Omni CleanAir

OmniAire 1200 Portable Air Cleaner (PAC) • #OA1200PAC

OmniAire 1200 Portable Air Cleaner (PAC) • #OA1200PAC


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Portable Air Cleaners, like the OmniAire PAC series, are essential tools for improving the quality of indoor air. The PAC machines excel in healthcare environments by purifying the air in areas susceptible to bio-contaminants. By combining a medical-grade 99.99% HEPA filter, pre and post-filters, UV germicidal irradiation, and an optional PHI generator, PAC machines can create both negative and positive pressure containment. 

The optional PEROx air purifier module, seamlessly integrated with the 1200PAC, tackles VOCs, and odors, and helps to inactivate bacteria and viruses through photo hydro-peroxide plasma generation. This technology not only cleans the air but nearby surfaces as well, and reduces the need to use harsh chemicals.


    OmniAire 1200PAC Portable Air Cleaner

    • Model: OA1200PAC
    • Indoor spaces from 4000 to 11,000 cubic feet, at 6 Air Changes per Hour.
    • 200 to 1100 TrueCFM™
    • Primary Filter: HEPA Certified Filter 99.99%, @0.3 μ (micron) Size: 16” x 16” x 12”
    • Secondary Filter: MERV-11 Pleated Filter Size: 16"x16"x2"
    • Up to 72 dB Noise Level
    • Recessed Controls
    • Variable Speed Control
    • UVGI Indicator Light
    • UVGI ON/OFF Switch
    • Pressure Gauge
    • HEPA Filter Change Indicator
    • Run (Hour) Meter
    • 14" PHI Generator (optional)
    • Negative Pressure Ready
    • 115 VAC/60 Hz/7.1 Amp
    • Size: 19”W x 42”H x 22”L
    • 110 lbs. / 50 kg
    • Powder Coated, Aircraft grade aluminum
    • Silicone sealed before riveting
    • Two Rubber Grip Handles
    • Four 5" Hospital-Grade Locking Casters

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    • Key Features

      Featuring a sleek, powder-coated, upright housing mounted on hospital-grade casters the OA1200PAC offers fully variable airflow, excellent portability, and complies with safety standards like OSHA, UL, and CSA/IEC electrical requirements.

      This device can create positive or negative pressure environments or operate as an efficient air scrubber. Using a 99.99% efficient HEPA filter and UVGI lights can significantly reduce room pollutants and hazards.