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OmniAire Negative Air Machine • HEPA Filter • #OA2200CBF

OmniAire Negative Air Machine • HEPA Filter • #OA2200CBF


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A negative air machine or portable air scrubber, serves an important role in maintaining air quality and safety in various environments. Using HEPA filtration, its primary function is to create a controlled, negative air pressure zone within a designated space, to remove airborne contaminants. Negative air machines are commonly employed in abatement, construction, and renovation projects, healthcare facilities, and industrial settings.

A powerful air filtration machine, made in the USA, is designed to enhance air quality in various settings. The OmniAire 2200 series produces cleaner air and healthier environments, making it suitable for applications in industrial facilities, medical spaces, and abatement projects. Using a standard 24” x 24” x 12” HEPA filter, its adaptability is evident in scenarios like mold, asbestos, lead abatement, containment of construction dust, and maintaining clean conditions during medical facility renovations.



  • 1000 and 2000 CFM
  • 2-Speed
  • HEPA 12” Particle Board Frame
  • 99.97% efficiency @ 0.3u
  • MERV-9 Dustlok primary/secondary poly-pad filters
  • 64 – 73 dB noise level
  • Negative Pressure Ready
  • 115 VAC/60 Hz/11.1 Amp
  • 28”W x 32”H x 35”L
  • 147 pounds/67kg
  • Galvanized Steel Housing
  • HEPA Filter Change Indicator
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  • Key Features

    The OmniAire OA2200C Negative Air Machine is designed for construction and industrial applications. With two-speed settings, durable housing, and a deep HEPA filter, it's known for its power and reliability. It offers many accessories to enhance functionality, sturdy galvanized steel housing, riveted construction, and silicone sealing to ensure air doesn't bypass the HEPA filter.

    This machine plays an important role in removing dangerous contaminants in various environments, including abatement projects, manufacturing plant EH&S, and healthcare facility construction. It handles tasks such as mold, asbestos, lead abatement, silica dust collection, flood and fire restoration, and medical facility renovations.

    The OA2200C provides ventilation, creates negative and positive pressure conditions in industrial settings, and efficiently removes construction dust using the optional Bag Filter module.

    Accessories include activated carbon filters and an intake manifold for flexible hose connections.

    This model holds UL/CSA Safety Certification and features a thermal protection overload monitor, guaranteeing 24/7/365 safe operation.