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OmniAire Negative Air Machine • HEPA Filter • 99.97% • #OA600V

OmniAire Negative Air Machine • HEPA Filter • 99.97% • #OA600V


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A negative air machine or portable air scrubber, serves an important role in maintaining air quality and safety in various environments. Using HEPA filtration, its primary function is to create a controlled, negative air pressure zone within a designated space, to remove airborne contaminants. Negative air machines are commonly employed in abatement, construction, and renovation projects, healthcare facilities, and industrial settings.

The OmniAire 600V Series is the preferred choice for cleaning contaminated air in tight spaces.  Powerful HEPA filtration in a compact design, these machines can be deployed in both positive and negative pressure applications. The OA600V Series offers flexibility in construction with either durable rotomolded plastic or aircraft-grade aluminum housings.   Variable speed controls provide precision CFM performance for any job.


OA600 V Portable HEPA Air Scrubber:

  • 150 to 550 TrueCFM™
  • HEPA Certified Filter
  • 99.97% @ 0.3 micron
  • Size: 12"x12"x12”
  • Prefilter -two-stage poly, 13"x13"x1.5"
  • 50-75 dB noise level
  • Variable Speed Controller, Pressure Gauge - 0 to 3"
  • Negative Pressure Ready
  • 115 VAC/60 Hz/2.3 Amps
  • 14”W x 19”H x 31”L
  • 70 LBS (31.7 KG)
  • Aircraft grade aluminum
  • Silicone sealed before riveting
  • 8” outlet
  • Rubber grip handles - 2
  • 3” hospital-grade locking casters - 4
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  • Key Features

    Ideal for job sites, particularly tight or confined spaces, the OA600V remediates environments where mold, asbestos, or lead are present.

    Designed for demanding abatement, restoration and remediation projects, the OA600V is equally capably in commercial buildings, factories, and medical facilities.
    These units’ aircraft-grade aluminum, riveted housings are carefully sealed and stand on hospital-grade non-marking casters to ensure effortless portability.

    The utmost attention is given to sealing all critical seams with silicone both before and after riveting, ensuring an airtight path that guarantees no contaminated air circumvents the HEPA filter. Additionally, the OA600V machines feature an easy-to-clean aluminum surface that will withstand the abuse of critical environments.

    Embracing versatility, the OA600V model offers an array of choices for pre-filters, HEPA filters, and accompanying accessories. The standard configuration includes a Dustlok pre-filter, primary/secondary filter, and an impressively efficient 99.97% HEPA filter.

    Our Dustlok pre-filters are enhanced with an anti-microbial additive to prevent bacterial growth, while a tackifier boosts its dust-holding capacity to ensure the maximum life of the primary HEPA filter.