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OmniAire Negative Air Machine • HEPA Filter • 99.97% • #OA2000V

OmniAire Negative Air Machine • HEPA Filter • 99.97% • #OA2000V


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A negative air machine or portable air scrubber, serves an important role in maintaining air quality and safety in various environments. Using HEPA filtration, its primary function is to create a controlled, negative air pressure zone within a designated space, to remove airborne contaminants. Negative air machines are commonly employed in abatement, construction, and renovation projects, healthcare facilities, and industrial settings.

Built for durability, the OmniAire 2000 series of negative air machines and air scrubbers offer the best performance in the market – for their size. These machines are the ideal choice for professionals in the construction industry. The 2000 series offers both two-speed and variable speed options to suit your specific needs and comes standard with full-size 12” deep HEPA filters, ensuring top-notch performance in air purification.



  • 500 to 1900 CFM
  • Variable Speed
  • HEPA 12” Wood Frame
  • 99.97% efficiency @ 0.3u
  • MERV-9 Dustlok primary/secondary poly-pad filters
  • 64 – 70 dB noise level
  • Negative Pressure Ready
  • 115 VAC/60 Hz/10.6 Amp
  • 20”W x 32”H x 34”L
  • 117 pounds/53kg
  • Aircraft Grade Aluminum Housing
  • HEPA Filter Change Indicator
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  • Key Features

    From construction projects to confined spaces, mold, asbestos, and lead abatement, the OmniAire2000V excels in a wide range of settings, including commercial facilities, factories, and medical establishments.

    The OmniAire2000V is a compact and versatile negative air machine designed for superior air quality. Weighing a mere 110 lbs, it offers variable speed control, delivering an airflow ranging from 300 to 1900 CFM, making it adaptable to various applications.

    Choose durability with a lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum housing designed for mobility and easy sanitization, as well as long-lasting performance. Hospital-grade casters provide mobility, and meticulous silicone sealing of critical seams guarantees that no contaminated air escapes the HEPA filter.

    Optional filters are available to achieve an impressive 99.99% HEPA efficiency, ensuring its suitability for diverse tasks. Customization options include pre-filters, HEPA filters, and accessories. The standard configuration includes a Dustlok pre-filter with anti-microbial treatment and tackifiers, along with a 99.97% efficient HEPA filter.

    This model holds UL/CSA Safety Certification and features a thermal protection overload monitor, guaranteeing 24/7/365 safe operation.