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OA600V Negative Air Machine • 600 CFM • Certified Refurbished

OA600V Negative Air Machine • 600 CFM • Certified Refurbished


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The OmniAire OA600V is our most compact negative air machine.  Highly versatile and easily portable, this machine produces 150 to 550 CFM of true HEPA filtration and weighs in at only 55 lbs with its aluminum housing.

The OmniAire lineup of negative air machines are beautifully crafted, with clean metal lines and surfaces, individually riveted for durability.  Hospital-grade, non-marking casters allow for convenient portability. All critical seams are silicone sealed before and after riveting to assure that contaminated air will not bypass the HEPA filter.

Certified Refurbished OmniAire Negative Air Machines from Omni CleanAir include:

  • 6-Month Warranty
  • TrueCFM™ performance
    • Maximum CFM specification is independently verifiable
  • New, unused HEPA, Pre and Carbon filters included

Note: Certified Refurbished units may contain minor cosmetic imperfections.


    • Airflow: 150-550 cfm.
    • Weight: 55 lbs.
    • Filtration: Primary/Secondary Filter - Dual-ply Dustlok polyester pad.
    • Metal Frame HEPA, 99.99% Efficiency @ 0 .3 micron, individually certified.
    • Cabinet: Aircraft grade aluminum, closed end rivet construction.
    • All seams are silicone sealed.
    • 3" casters with breaks, hospital grade non-marking.
    • Controls: Variable Speed Controller.
    • Pressure Gauge - 0 to 3".
    • Power Requirement 115VAC/60 Hz/2.3 Amp.
    • Dimensions: 14”W x 19”H x 31”L.

    *Airflows are based on blower manufacturer curves. Air flow will vary based on specific HEPA filter used.

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    • Key Features

      • Compact, versatile air scrubber.
      • High, variable speed airflow.
      • Used for removal of toxic mold, asbestos and lead dust during renovation and abatement projects.
      • For purifying air in commercial, manufacturing and healthcare facilities.
      • Made of strong aircraft grade aluminum.
      • Smooth surfaces for easy sanitation.
      • Can be used with multiple filter options including HEPA, activated carbon plus MERV 9 primary/secondary filter.
    • Industrial Air Purification for Critical Environments.

      The OA600V negative air machine delivers an amazing punch in a very compact footprint:

      • abatement projects involving mold, asbestos, and lead where HEPA filtration is required.
      • renovation and construction projects.
      • applications requiring negative or positive pressure containment areas.
      • removal or control of odors, VOCs, or fumes using activated carbon filtration.
      • construction in medical facilities and labs where infection control protocols must be followed.
      • establishing patient isolation spaces in hospitals and healthcare facilities.
    • Why Do I Need An Omni Aire Purifier?

      OmniAire600V HEPA air machines are used to clean the air as well as create positive or negative air pressure containment areas on job sites, in confined spaces, mold, asbestos, and lead abatement or remediation, commercial or factory sites, medical facilities, and many other places. With numerous optional filters, the 600V is suitable for a large array of jobs from light construction, to tasks that require true 99.99% HEPA efficiency.