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Pleated Panel Filter • Framed • 24"x16"x 2" • MERV-11 • #OPF2416

Pleated Panel Filter • Framed • 24"x16"x 2" • MERV-11 • #OPF2416


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Pleated air filters offer a range of benefits in air purification. Their expanded surface area enhances filtration efficiency, capturing a wide array of airborne contaminants from dust to allergens and even smaller particles like bacteria. This leads to improved air quality, reduced energy consumption, and extended HVAC system longevity. With a longer service life and easier maintenance, pleated filters offer cost savings and environmental responsibility. They're particularly valuable in industrial settings to meet regulations and create healthier, more comfortable environments for occupants, making them an excellent choice for air purification needs.


OPF2416 Pleated Panel Filter - Framed 24"x16"x 2", MERV-11

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