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New OA2200S Negative Air Machine • 2000 CFM

New OA2200S Negative Air Machine • 2000 CFM


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Versatile, Lightweight, Powerful.

The negative air machine for your most demanding jobs. Lighter than other machines in its class, the OA2200S is perfect for large scale abatement and restoration projects.

UL Safety Certified, the OA2200S unit can be configured for negative pressure or positive pressure, or simply used as an air scrubber. With two speeds, and a full size 12” deep HEPA, the OA2200S is an easy to use, powerful and reliable workhorse for projects where safety isn't optional.

With a 24" x 24" x 12" true HEPA filter, the OA2200S is commonly used for removal of toxic mold, asbestos, lead and silica dust during renovation and abatement projects and can also be used for purifying air in any commercial, industrial or healthcare environment.  Filter options include HEPA filters at 99.97% or 99.99% efficiency at 0.3 microns, 9-pocket ASHRAE bag filter for large volume construction dust collection, and activate carbon for VOC and odor control.


  • Airflow: 1600 CFM (low), 2000 CFM (high)
  • Primary Filter: HEPA 12” Metal Frame, 99.97%efficiency at 0.3μ
  • Secondary Filter: MERV-8 1” pleated pre-filter
  • Optional Carbon Filter
  • Noise: 70-74dB
  • Cabinet: Aluminum, closed end rivet construction.
  • All seams are silicone sealed to ensure 100% of airflow goes through the HEPA filter
  • Industrial Grade, Non-Marking 5" casters with brakes
  • Controls: Two-Speed switch - HIGH/OFF/LOW, amber change filter indicator light
  • Power Requirement: 115VAC, 60Hz, 12A
  • Size: 32” length, 26” width, 26” height
  • Weight: 114 lbs

*Airflows are based on blower manufacturer curves. Air flow will vary based on specific HEPA filter used.

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  • Key Features

    Maximum Performance

    • Sealed, true-HEPA filter (99.97% or higher efficiency at 0.3μ)
    • Pleated MERV-8 Pre-filter
    • TrueCFM™ of 2000
    • Two speed settings
    • Integrated exhaust duct for negative or positive applications

    Simple Maintenance

    • Indicator light shows when HEPA filter is nearing end of life
    • Tool-free pre-filter inspection and maintenance

    Intentional Industrial Design

    • Industrial grade casters with brakes for mobility and placement
    • 10’ power cord & cord grip

    Engineered for Safety

    • Thermal Protection overload and built in circuit breaker
    • UL/CSA safety certified
  • Why Do I Need a Negative Air Machine?

    The OmniAire 2200S HEPA air filtration machines are used to clean the air in applications requiring positive or negative pressure containment areas on job sites. They can also be used as air scrubbers, continuously recirculating air in an indoor space through the HEPA filter. Often used in confined spaces, the OA2000S machines are ideally suited for abatement projects where mold, asbestos, and lead are present and on projects that require true 99.97% HEPA efficiency.

  • When Should I Use the OA2200S?

    The OA2000S negative air machine provides maximum power, ruggedness and performance for:

    • abatement projects involving mold, asbestos, and lead where HEPA filtration is required.
    • renovation and construction projects.
    • applications requiring negative or positive pressure containment areas.
    • removal or control of odors, VOCs, or fumes using activated carbon filtration.
    • construction in medical facilities and labs where infection control protocols must be followed.